Welcome to the Pacific seafarer's net

The Pacific Seafarer's Net is an amateur radio communications net organized to provide support, assistance and daily tracking for maritime operators. This net tracks and assists vessels worldwide - All licensed amateurs with USB phone privileges on 14.300 MHz are welcome to participate. However, in an emergency we will assist with all radio communications from any station.


The net is in two parts, beginning with an informal 25 minute 'warm up' session at 0300Z to exchange news, answer questions, conduct phone patches and otherwise assist with information exchange. Also, at this time we are gathering additional vessels for the Roll Call as well as the Relay Stations located around the Pacific Rim and else where from the Amateur Radio community


At 0325 Z, the Roll Call begins, where boats are called in turn to give their position and weather observations. These details are shared with other boats and forwarded to Voluntary Marine Observation Program (MAROB) and other weather forecasters around the world where they are used to improve forecast accuracy. In return, they post back special forecasts such as Passage Weather and Marine Point Forecast for boats in their coverage area; please see the YOTREPS postings page for details of how to receive them.